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Rasam's Sunnyvale

Rasam’s Restaurant Sunnyvale

Rasam’s restaurant opened our doors in October 2013 with the ambition to serve modern and yet traditional cuisine from the entire region of India.  In July 2016, Rasam’s has changed to personalized dining experience by becoming “reservation-only” restaurant with a minimum guests required for group dining.

Our modern restaurant sets the brand standard for specialty Indian cuisine. Rasam’s is positioned as a 21st century restaurant with a contemporary outlook and menu. We present a combination of modern cuisines combined with India’s ancient traditions in a fine dining atmosphere. By pairing regional specialties with fresh ingredients and a modern flair.

We always take pride in featuring signature dishes from the Eastern regions of India, like Bengal and Assam, and also from the Western states of Maharashtra. In addition to the cuisines of Malabar and the traditional curries of Southern India.  

“Rasa” in Sanskrit means “essence in fluid form”, which describes the atmosphere and the cuisine of Rasam’s.

The menu will be arranged in an  “a la carte” fashion with few small plates from various regions of India, along with larger signature main entrées. 

Special Features:

  1. Contemporary Indian cuisine
  2. Fresh Californian ingredients, every dish with its own unique spice blend
  3. A wine menu with a large selection of unique wines
  4. Chef on call